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Gatehouse Primary School News:  March 2020


Mrs Nikki Smith has been appointed as the nursery manager and will start this post full time after the summer holidays. As a result of this appointment Mrs Irving will move into the main school as a class teacher. One member of staff from the school will therefore have to be re-deployed. The council’s redeployment policy will be followed to do this. At the moment we are not in a position to tell you which teacher will be redeployed, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

School Roll Numbers

Two new children are due to start at the school after Easter.  As we only have two spaces left we have had to move several pupils into new classes for the final term. Thank you to all the parents and children who have been so flexible over the year in allowing us to move children to different classes. As with the redeployment, we do this according to local authority policy, but understanding parents make the process much easier for everyone.

After Easter, the school will be full and if any new pupils move into the catchment area the local authority will transport them to the closest school with space until such time as capacity becomes available at Gatehouse.

With a large Primary 7 group leaving us at the end of this academic year there is very little likelihood that a similar circumstance will occur again.

K’nex Final - Kirkcudbright Academy

Brodie and Dominik represented Gatehouse at the final this year. The challenge was to build a ‘flying machine’ complete with landing gear and seats for the pilot and passengers. Both boys worked really well together and made a great team. They encountered a few design problems along the way but found really good solutions to all of them. Although their model was not chosen as the winner it was definitely noticed for its quirky design

School Playtimes

Due to the wet weather the children have not been able to use the field recently.  As soon as the field begins to dry we will use the space again.

Book Week

The book week has been a great success. Thanks to P5/6 and Mrs Hunt for running the Book Fair and to all the parents who came along and supported it. 

Corvid 19 – The Corona Virus – General advice and trips

Attached to the newsletter is the latest NHS advice sent out from the NHS / Dumfries & Galloway council.  As the situation develops the school will follow directions from the local authority and we will pass any further information on to you as soon as we have it.

At school we are, as always, encouraging handwashing and carrying on as normal to avoid any unnecessary worry for the children.

At the moment, as there are no restrictions in place regarding travelling around the country, the school trip to London is still planned to go ahead.  We have been in touch with the organisers of the trip and they recommend visiting their website where the latest information on the virus is available:

Dates for your diary

March 2020

  • Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th: Learning Conversations
  • Thursday 19th: P6/7 performing in the rotary concert at the Cochran Hall (7pm to 8.30pm)
  • Friday 20th: Orienteering schools event at Cream O Galloway (P5 – 7 pupils who have registered)
  • Wednesday 25th: Cross Country Event at Stewartry Rugby Club (All P5-7 pupils)
  • Friday 27th: Achievement assembly (2.15pm).  Please submit achievements by 26th

On Friday 3rd April, we will have our usual Easter end of term service in the school hall from 2pm.

Staff and pupils return to school on Monday 20th April.