October 2017 Newsletter


Daily Mile Track


The track installed by Landmarc and paid for by a Tesco grant continues to be a great success. The walk/run around the field is a lovely way to start the day.  Any parents who have the time are welcome to come and join us. The track is also available to members of the local community after school hours between 3:15 and 5.30pm.  It is a great place to stretch your legs, five times around the track equals a mile (in case you are training for a marathon!)  Please remember, however, that dogs are not allowed into the school grounds.


Children in Permaculture Week 


This was a busy week of outdoor education facilitated by teachers from across Europe. The week was a great fit with the school rationale, introducing the children to people from different countries, and encouraging the children to think about sustainable solutions to problems through the permaculture ethics of Earth Care, Fair Share and People Care. 


Outdoor education is an important strand of the Scottish Curriculum and we intend to build upon the Permaculture week with timetabled outdoor activities for all the children across the school.  P6/7 will be working on outdoor cookery alongside the nursery for two weeks, starting on Monday 2nd October.  We will send out a text reminding children to come prepared for the outdoors (waterproofs and old clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty are ideal).


Learning Conversations – Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th October


Everybody should now have a fifteen minute appointment with their child’s class teacher. Remember that you should bring your child along with you to the meeting. We look forward to seeing you all and if for any reason you cannot make the appointment given to you, please get in touch to arrange an alternative time.


P5/6 Election Assembly and Polling day


The P5/6 political parties are delivering their political manifestoes to the school at Friday’s assembly (Oct 6th).  Parents are very welcome to come in and listen to the speeches. Assembly starts at 2:15pm. On Thursday 12th October the polling station will be open in the school hall and all parents and carers are welcome to come in and cast their vote.




Homework tasks often require the children have access to a dictionary. Dictionaries are available very cheaply and are often available second hand (the tasks the children will be required to carry out will be relatively simple and will not need huge dictionaries). We would recommend a dictionary for all older children in the school. 


Coats/ PE Kits/ Change of footwear


With the onset of autumn please remember to send your child to school with a suitable coat – unless the rain is torrential we do like to take the children outside for some fresh air.


The pupils also require a pair of gym shoes (or slippers) for indoors are useful in case their shoes get wet.


Finally please make sure you have sent in a PE kit (including footwear) for your child. The kit can stay in school on the child’s peg until the end of term when it can be taken home to be washed.


Poppies on Sale


Poppies will be on sale in the school office from Monday 6th November for any children who wish to wear one and make a donation to the Royal British Legion (Poppy Fund).


Children in Need – Friday 17th November


The school will be supporting the Children in Need charity this year.  Our pupil council are organising this and will be sending a note home in due course.  It is expected that we will be selling Pudsey and Blush Pin Badges at £1 each and Pudsey Ears at £2.50 each to pupils who wish to participate.  Pupils will also be invited to come to school wearing what they want and / or have their face painted spotty for a suggested donation of 50p for each.  There will also be a raffle for Pudsey money banks.  Further details will follow next term.


Facebook & Social Media


Thank you to the parents who get in touch directly with the school when there is an issue they need to raise. This is much more effective than raising it on social media sites, as we can then deal with it immediately.


September Stroll


September stroll took place on the school track and we just managed to finish the event before it started to pour with rain. Some of the children completed 25 laps in an hour and fifteen minutes – so, not so much of stroll, more of a power walk!  Thanks to everyone who has sent in sponsor money. The money raised goes into the school fund which enables us to subsidise the cost of school trips and visitors to the school.   Can all remaining sponsor money please be sent in by Friday 6th October.


Homework Questionnaire


We are in the process of renewing our homework policy and your views are really important on this issue. Please complete and return the homework questionnaire which will be in school bags in the next few days to allow us to shape the policy in the most appropriate way.


Parent Council meeting and AGM


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th November at 7pm. This year the Parent Council will be looking for a new chairperson and a new treasurer. All parents are welcome.




Nursery and P1/2 are looking for parent helpers to come and help with story sack administration.  This would be at 9am on a Wednesday morning.  Please let the office know if you would be able to help, either on a regular basis or by being on a rota.