Parent council meeting


26th April 2017


Present: Nikki Ward, Kirstn Hannay, Lusi Alderslowe, John Riley, Devorah Morton, Liz Carson


Apologies: Carolanne




Fundraising at sports day:


Raising funds for blinds for classrooms because the classrooms get too hot in the summer and children can't see the board when the teacher wants to use it.


When?: 9th or 16th June – Friday.


Tea, coffee, cake – Devorah and Nikki


ask parents for home baking and raffle prizes


icepops - Liz


gazebo – Lusi to ask Ken for one.


Children to make a poster




School grounds


Younger's trust – will be a meeting in May to decide whether we can get the funding for the markings for the school grounds.






There has been a change in the government policies, which means that the nursery is not currently big enough. This will need to be bigger in this financial year. It may extend out to the headteacher's office and staff room, different options are being investigated.




Daily mile track


Will be built in summer.






The thermometers are here and children will be keeping a record of temperatures from now.


The film is not yet on the windows.


The blinds: JR has received a quote from Chris Craft £2900 for all classrooms (not learning lab or p7) for a solid roller blind.


The worst classroom is p2/3. £430. - decide to go ahead with this one for now, then there is time to raise more money for other classrooms and decide if we want the same for the other classrooms (or anything different).


JR: to order a blind for p2/3.






Current bank balance: £1703.88




School sign at Anwoth Annex


Carolanne looked into it.


Liz to ask Robert to cut brambles or branches which are obscuring the school sign.




Parking in staff car park


Suggest we make a sign which says 'staff car park' only.


JR to ask if council will give us a 'staff car parking only' sign.




Pedestrian gate at community centre


A parent had raised a concern that the gate had been open, but we confirmed that it is generally locked and then opened at appropriate times.




Communication with parents


Carolanne suggests using Facebook. This was discussed but we didn't feel about to take this on at this time, if anybody would like to take this role on, then please contact Nikki.


The newsletter is put directly onto the website.




School role


Next year will be 108 pupils. p1 will have 14 children.




Learning conversations


Two potential opportunities for parents to meet teachers are Wednesday 10th May and Thursday 25th May. Info will be sent out




Date of next meeting


Parents (not teachers) to meet about sports day event on Wednesday 24th May at 2pm. - Sports day fun meeting in staff room.




AGM will take place in October.