Nursery Improvement Plan 2019-20

Priority 1: Science

·      Development of the Science Shack to give all nursery children opportunities to explore and learn in Science Shack

·      Implement science curriculum through play to develop curiosity and enquiry

·      Use the science experiences and outcomes within nursery planning

·      Children to develop science skills through play-based learning

Priority 2: Maths

·      Develop staff understanding of how maths concepts are learnt by children to enable effective learning and teaching

·      Use Number talks as the basis to improve number awareness and concepts

·      Staff to access maths recovery training

·      Continue to develop the use of number songs and rhymes to build number experiences for the youngest children

·      Revisit the play area plans to ensure numeracy and maths experiences and outcomes are embedded in each area

Priority3: Literacy

·      Develop staff knowledge of how children acquire language skills through staff accessing Communication Champion Training

·      Extend joint work with speech and language therapy through school hub project

·      Revisit the play area plans to ensure literacy experiences and outcomes are embedded in each area

·      Assess all preschool children for TLQ (Talking, Listening, Questions) and target children as required

 Priority 4: Language of learning

·      Improve the use of Big Book Planning to develop the language of learning with children

·      Involve children in reviewing their PLPs (Personal learning Portfolios) – adding photos and comments

·      Staff to use the language “What are we learning?” and “How do we know?”

·      Staff to develop shared knowledge of progression through curricular levels and achievement of a level through moderation meetings across stages and schools

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