Welcome back to another year at Gatehouse Nursery Class, and a very warm welcome to Anya, Arlo, Charlotte, Elijah, Elyssa, Morven, Nathan and Patrick who have joined us this term.




Dates for your diary


3 September Curriculum Evening 6-7pm


4 September Care Plan Meetings


5 September Library visit am


6 September Care Plan Meetings


7 September Library visit pm


12 September Library visit am


14 September Library visit pm


19 September Library visit am


21 September Library visit pm


26 September Library visit am


28 September Achievement Assembly

Nursery Staff

The Nursery Staff this term are:


Mr Riley - Head Teacher


Mrs McClymont – Principal Teacher


Mrs Irving – Nursery Teacher




Mrs MacPhee – Nursery Teacher (W)


Miss Denholm- Nursery Nurse


Mrs Rodgers – Supply Cover


Mrs Tighe – Early Years Support Worker

Library Visits

We will be starting our visits to the public library from 5 September (on a Wednesday morning and a Friday afternoon) for Book Bug Sessions with Joan. The children listen to several stories and vote for their favourite book each session with Joan. We plan to create pictures about the favourite books which Joan will then display in the library.


We are able to borrow a book for your child if they are a member of the library. Please send their library card on a Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon if you wish to borrow a book. If your child is not a member and you wish them to join please let us know and we can get the membership forms for you.


We also enjoy having helpers for these sessions and would appreciate any help you are able to give. If you are able to help, please add your name to the rota on the parents’ board in the cloakroom.


Weekly Walkabout


We hope to begin our regular walks in the local area in September once all of the children have settled into the routines at Nursery. Our walkabout sessions will be during the sessions on Monday. We are always delighted to have parents join us for these walks and need an extra adult to help during the Monday morning session due to the numbers of children attending. If you are able to help, please add your name to the rota on the parents’ board in the cloakroom.




Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for the weather conditions and that any shoes, wellies, bags and clothes are labelled clearly with your child’s name. It is helpful if you can bring a bag with spare clothes to nursery on a daily basis. If your child is still in nappies or pull ups please speak to staff and arrange to leave a supply here in the changing area. Thank you.


Care Plan Meetings

Within Nursery we have a legal requirement to create a support plan for every child. We call these Care Plans and to enable us to meet the legal requirement we meet with parents within 28 days of your child starting nursery. Please speak to Nursery Staff to arrange a time to meet with Mrs Irving/Miss Denholm. Those who have previously met with Staff are also due a review appointment; these will be taking place on 4 and 6 September – please speak to nursery staff to arrange a time for your child’s Care Plan Meeting.




During the Care Plan meeting we discuss the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators (Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included). As part of the Early Years Collaborative (a National Initiative) we have developed the format of the Care Plan Meetings to include the wellbeing web. Please see the diagram below:


Scaling key:


1 = Not at all true of me


10 = Very true of me


Prior to your meeting with Staff you will be given information about the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators to give you a chance to discuss them with your family before the meeting.


We are also seeking feedback on the meetings to find out how useful parents find them and would appreciate it if you could take some time to either comment to staff or give us written feedback.

All about me/More about me

All children returning to nursery have been given a More about me booklet to complete. New starts were given All about me booklets to complete. Please note that staff need these back as soon as possible for our records. These booklets help us to plan support for your child and inspectors do expect every child to have these updated.

Snack Money

Parents are invited to make a contribution of £2.50 each week (50p per session) towards Nursery Funds. This money pays for healthy snacks, cookery, Birthday cards, Christmas presents, parties and trips as well as other minor items used to support your child’s educational experience. The children put this money into the piggy bank at the signing in table in the playroom. Snack money can be paid: daily/weekly/termly. If paying by cheque please make it payable to Gatehouse Nursery Class.


If your child is ill or will be absent for another reason, please phone the school office to let us know. This phone call is only necessary on the first day of absence. It is important that you inform us when your child will not be attending Nursery. The school follow the Children Missing in Education Procedures for Nursery aged children which states "…not attending school or ELCC means all of these children have wellbeing needs around inclusion and achievement." This means that if your child is absent and the school have not heard from you over a three day period child protection procedures will be triggered. This may result in social work involvement.





Curriculum Evening

The nursery staff will be running a curriculum evening on Monday 3 September 6-7pm. This is an information evening about the nursery, what we do and why we do it. This is a great opportunity for you to come and hear more about the nursery and to gain insight into our focus on social skills and play, the benefits for your children of this approach and the extensive use of outdoors. We would encourage all parents to attend and are able to provide a crèche facility for the duration of the evening for children in nursery and younger children. If you have an older child please let staff know and we may also be able to accommodate them.

Care Inspectorate

Our nursery is inspected regularly by care Inspectorate and Education Scotland. We have been provided with a limited number of questionnaires from care inspectorate this week and have placed them in the cloakroom for you to help yourself to. Please note there are only a few copies. We anticipate that we will be inspected this term or early next term.


At Gatehouse we are constantly looking for ways to improve your child’s experience of the Early Learning and Childcare we provide. If you have any comments or suggestions please either speak to nursery staff or complete the slip below and return it to nursery – there is a comments/suggestions folder attached to the wall in the cloakroom.


We greatly appreciate your comments/suggestions as they do help us to evaluate and improve our service.





Please print your name if you would like a personal response