Gatehouse Nursery Class Newsletter

Friday 21st August 2020


Welcome back to another year at Gatehouse Nursery, and a very warm welcome to all the children and their families who have joined us this term.




Nursery Staff:

The Nursery Staff this term are:


Mr Riley - Head Teacher

Mrs Hunt/Miss Duka– Principal Teachers

Mrs Smith – Nursery Manager


Miss Denholm- Nursery Nurse

Mrs Frankland – Nursery Nurse

Miss Rennie – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Tighe – Early Years Support Worker



Nursery Routines

We are still able to do most of the fun and exciting things we would normally do at nursery and we plan to continue doing the daily mile and going for walks in the community. However there are some activities we are not able to do at present:

·      No parent helpers in the playroom or for Walkabout

·      No visits to the library

·      Children are not brushing their teeth at nursery

·      No singing in groups indoors

·      No CAPER (Children and Parents enjoy reading) books going between home and nursery.



Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for the weather conditions and that any shoes, wellies, bags and clothes are labelled clearly with your child’s name.  It is helpful if you can bring a bag with spare clothes to nursery on a daily basis. Due to not being able to share clothing/footwear at present we are not using our waterproofs and wellies so please bring from home. If your child is still in nappies or pull ups please speak to staff and you can arrange to leave a supply here in the changing area.  Thank you.


Personal Plan Meetings

Within Nursery we have a legal requirement to create a support plan for every child.  We call these Personal Plans and to enable us to meet the legal requirement we meet with parents within 28 days of your child starting nursery.  Parents are not allowed in the school building unless absolutely necessary at present so these meetings will be held over the phone with Mrs Smith.  Those who have previously met with Staff are also due a review appointment; these will also be taking place the over the next two weeks with Mrs Smith over the phone.

During the Personal Plan meeting we discuss the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators (Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included). 

I have attached the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators information to give you a chance to discuss them with your family before the meeting.




All about me/More about me

All new children have been given an all about me booklet and those children returning to nursery have been given a More about me booklet to complete.  Please note that staff need these back as soon as possible for our records.  These booklets help us to plan support for your child and inspectors do expect every child to have these updated. Once we have all the children’s booklets back with permission slips we will be able to share photos on social media of some of the children and our activities.



Parents are invited to make a contribution towards Nursery Funds.  This money pays for cookery, Birthday cards, Christmas presents, parties and trips as well as other minor items used to support your child’s educational experience. If you give this to the children they can put this money into the piggy bank in the playroom. Donations can be paid: weekly/termly.  If paying by cheque please make it payable to Gatehouse Nursery Class.


Keeping You Informed

The nursery issue a monthly newsletter, a copy will be emailed to each family and available on our website.  The link to the website is also posted on our Twitter feed.  You may find it useful to follow us on Twitter as we try to post photos and information regularly.  Don’t worry if you don’t use Twitter our feed can also be viewed on the school website.  When you go to the main school website click on the ‘Nursery’ tab on the ribbon at the top and go to the nursery page.  Our Twitter feed is embedded here for you to view it.  Staff may also speak with you at the start or end of sessions and issue additional letters in paper format.  If you need to contact us the easiest way if you are not doing a pick up or drop off is via the school office on 01557814262.  We are not always able to come to the phone but your message will be passed to us. Alternatively you can email Mrs Smith This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



If your child is ill or will be absent for another reason, please phone the school office to let us know. This phone call is only necessary on the first day of absence.  It is important that you inform us when your child will not be attending Nursery.  The school follow the Children Missing in Education Procedures for Nursery aged children and this means that if your child is absent and the school have not heard from you over a three day period child protection procedures will be triggered.  Attached is the latest poster for covid-19, if your child is displaying any of these symptoms please stay at home and book in for a test as soon as possible.