Gatehouse Nursery Class Newsletter

1 January 2020

Session Times:            Morning 8:45-9am flexible drop off             11.55am pick up

                                    Afternoon 12:15pm drop off                          3:10-3:25pm flexible pick up

Happy New Year to everyone and a very warm welcome to our new starts: Astrid, Pippa and Roman.

Dates for your diary

13 January Walkabout am

13 January Play & Pick Up 2-3pm

14 January Stay & Play 9-10am

14 January walkabout pm

15 January Library am

16 CAPER or Story Sacks am & pm

16 January Personal Plan Meetings am & pm

17 January personal Plan meetings am

17 January Library pm

20 January Walkabout am

20 January Curriculum Evening for parents

21 January Walkabout pm

22 January Library am

23 January Early Years Ceilidh 9:15-10:30am

23 January CAPER or Story sacks am & pm

24 January Library pm

27 January Walkabout am

28 January Walkabout pm

29 January Library am

30 January CAPER or Story Sacks am & pm

31 January Achievement Assembly 2:15pm

3 February Walkabout am

3 February Play & Pick Up

4 February Stay & Play 9-10am

4 February Walkabout pm

5 February Library am

6 February CAPER or Story Sacks

7 February Library pm

10 February Walkabout am

11 February Walkabout pm

12 February Library am

13 February CAPER or Story Sacks

14 February Library pm

17-21 February Holiday – no nursery

24 February Walkabout am

25 February Walkabout pm

26 February Library am

27 February CAPER or Story Sacks am & pm

28 February Achievement Assembly

Parental Engagement

Thank you to the parents who completed out online survey about Next Steps.


My suggestion for involving me in my child's next steps:

I think sending the learning journal home is a good idea. Although I like the postcard idea as well, it’s a lot of additional work for teachers.

We have started a small test of change with those who responded and will be reviewing how these children are developing and making progress as a result of the changes we have made. If this is successful we will extend this to all children.


Library Visits

The rota for parent helpers is now up in the cloakroom for anyone who would like to help with walks to the local Library.



Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for the weather conditions and that any shoes, wellies, bags and clothes are labelled clearly with your child’s name. With the weather now turning colder it is a good idea to send in a pair of thick warm socks for your child to wear with their wellies. It is helpful if you can bring a bag with spare clothes to nursery daily. If your child is still in nappies or pull ups, please speak to staff and arrange to leave a supply here in the changing area. Thank you.


Early Years Ceilidh

On Thursday 23 January we will be joining with Primary ½ to celebrate Robert Burns with an Early Years Ceilidh. This will be held in the school hall. Could all children who wish to attend be in nursery for 9:15am wearing something tartan (if you have it – please don’t buy if you don’t as we have little ribbons we can fasten to the children’s clothing). Parents/Carers are invited to join us in this celebration which will finish at 10:30am. During the ceilidh we sing Scottish songs, say poems and rhymes, and do some dancing to Scottish music as well as share some stories in Scots.


Hub Coffee/Tea Afternoon

Our Hub room is up and running and open for parents every Friday 2:30-3pm. Feel free to drop in for a cuppa and a chat with staff and/or other parents. Please note the Hub Room will not be available during Achievement Assemblies.


Weekly Walkabout

Our walkabout sessions will be during the sessions on Monday morning and a Tuesday afternoon. Please add your name to the rota in the cloakroom if you would like to help with these.


Curriculum Evening

Thank you to everyone who made time to come to the recent Curriculum Evening about Listening and Talking. If you were unable to come please see the Top Tips Display in our cloakroom and ask for a handout from the evening. In January we will be organising another Curriculum Evening for Monday 20th January, 6-7pm.


Stay & Play or Play & Pick Up

We are introducing Stay & Play for a morning session 9-10am and Play & Pick up for an afternoon session 2-3pm once a month. This is an opportunity for parents/carers or extended family members to come to nursery play and interact with the children once a month. We welcome you to come and join in the fun with us, please feel free to bring younger siblings too!


Enrolment for Primary 1

Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 January are the dates for enrolling those children due to go to Primary 1. If you have opted to defer your child you do not need to enrol them until next year.

Please bring your child’s birth certificate and proof of your home address (a household bill or bank statement) to the school office between 9am and 3:30pm on either of the above dates. Please see the Council Website for further details:


CAPER & Story Sacks

If your child attends nursery on a Thursday they will have the opportunity to borrow a book or a story sack each week. We do books every week but the story sacks are given to a small group of children at a time in blocks of 3 weeks. It is really important to give staff time to check the books and story sacks on their return and we would ask that they are all back in nursery by the following Wednesday. If your child does not return the book or story sack until Thursday they will not be given a new one that day but will have to wait until the following week.


Personal Plan Meetings

Within Nursery we have a legal requirement to create a support plan for every child. We call these Personal Plans and to enable us to meet the legal requirement we meet with parents within 28 days of your child starting nursery. Please speak to Nursery Staff to arrange a time to meet with Mrs Irving/Miss Denholm. Those who have previously met with Staff are also due a review appointment; these will be taking place Thursday 16 & Friday 17 January – please speak to nursery staff to arrange a time for your child’s Personal Plan Meeting.

During the Personal Plan meeting we discuss the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators (Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included). As part of the Early Years Collaborative (a National Initiative) we have developed the format of the Personal Plan Meetings to include the wellbeing web. Please see the diagram below:

Scaling key:

1 = Not at all true of me

10 = Very true of me

Prior to your meeting with Staff you will be given information about the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators to give you a chance to discuss them with your family before the meeting.

We are also seeking feedback on the meetings to find out how useful parents find them and would appreciate it if you could take some time to either comment to staff or give us written feedback.


Nursery Manager

The post of Nursery Manager has been advertised this week along with all of the posts across the Local Authority. Please share this advert as widely as possible.