Gatehouse Nursery Class Newsletter

 Dates for your diary

  •  6 June 2:15pm Nursery children visiting P1
  • 7 June Nursery Sports (weather permitting)
  • 8 June CAPER am & pm
  • 9 June Library pm
  • 13 June Preschool children visit P1 11:15-11:55am
  • 14 June Reserve Nursery Sports
  • 15 June LAST CAPER
  • 16 June Library pm
  • 21 June Library am
  • 23 June Buddy Celebration
  • 23 June No Library pm
  • 27 June Cowboy Hoedown 9:30-11am
  • 29 June Nursery leavers Celebration
  • 30 June Last day of term
  • 21 August Return to Nursery or start school


Weekly Walkabout/Outdoor Play

 Please make sure your child comes suitably dressed for the weather every day, we try to get out in all weathers! On a Monday we try to go walks in the local community but due to a lack of parent helpers we are finding this harder to do. If you would like to help with these walks please let a member of staff know or add your name to the parents’ rota in the cloakroom.


 The last week for CAPER will be Thursday 15 June, please return all CAPER books, jotters and bags by Wednesday 21 June to allow us to check all the books and to repair or replace where needed.

 Uniform Feedback from Parents

 Thank you to all the parents who took the time to indicate that they would prefer to have a nursery uniform. We have had 13 parents indicate they preferred the uniform from Set Schoolwear. Mrs Irving has been in touch with the company to find out how we go about ordering from them.

 As the nursery gets this information we will pass it along to parents. Please note: nursery uniform is not compulsory, if you would prefer your child to wear their own clothes they can do so. Remember nursery learning is fun and can be messy so please don’t send your children in their best clothes as we cannot guarantee to keep them or their clothes clean!

 Session Times

 Could all parents please note the session times of the nursery and ensure that children are brought on time.

 Morning session drop off 8:45-9am Collection 11:55am

 Afternoon session drop off 12:15pm Collection 3:10-3:25pm

 Anyone arriving after the drop off time will be marked late in the register. We do start the activities with the children promptly at 9am and 12:15pm. If your child is constantly late they miss out on valuable learning experiences. It is also very disruptive to the other children who have been in and settled at activities to have constant interruptions with the noise of the door entry system.

 Please remember the main door for the nursery is at the back of the school and for drop offs or pick-ups at the beginning and end of sessions this is the door all parents should use.

 Staff Car Park

 We would like to remind all parents that the car park at the front of the school is for deliveries and staff use only. To keep your child safe please do not park in it or walk through it with your child.

 Nursery Sports

 The nursery sports day for all children is on Wednesday 7 June, 10-11am. If your child attends the morning session simply drop them off at the normal session time and come back to watch them at 10am. If your child normally attends in the afternoon please bring them to the nursery for 9:45am, you can stay to watch the sports and take them away again at 11am. The afternoon session is on as normal. It is up to you if your child attends the sports or not. We would love to have as many parents and family members to watch as possible. Please note that the Primary 6 buddies will be helping out at sports, so this is a good opportunity for you to meet your child’s buddy for Primary 1.

 If it is very wet the sports simply takes place the following Wednesday (14 June). If it is wet on June 14 then sports will not take place this year.

 Buddy Celebration

 On Friday 23 June the nursery children will be joined by the Primary 6 buddies for an exciting outdoor learning session. This will take place in both the morning and afternoon sessions. All children should attend their normal session but come dressed according to the weather conditions. We will be den building, fire making and outdoor cooking! If any parents would like to stay to help please let the nursery staff know.

 Cowboy Hoedown

 Our final transition activity with Primary 1 takes place on Tuesday 27 June, 9:30-11am. All children are invited to attend the morning session on this day regardless of when they normally attend. The nursery is of course open as normal in the afternoon should your child be unable to attend in the morning.

 Miss Duka has met with the nursery to plan activities for all of the children in nursery and primary 1 around the cowboy theme. We would ask that all children come dressed in jeans, shirts, cowboy hats and boots (if they have them).

 Parents are invited to stay and help too, so please remember your jeans, shirts, hats and cowboy boots!

 Bears in the Woods

 On Thursday 29 June the nursery children are all invited to attend a family day out in the Cally Woods. The final details for this are currently being planned with the forestry commission. We hope to be able to meet in the woods at 8:45am for family den building, stories about bears, teddy bears picnic, fire building and outdoor cooking. The session will finish at 11:55am and it is hoped that everyone will meet at the school for a picnic lunch prior to the nursery children entertaining everyone with a few songs at 1pm. The children will then receive a small gift to mark their year in nursery and then can go home with parents. Those children due to be in with us all day can of course remain until 3:15pm.

 Happy Holidays

 We hope that you have all enjoyed nursery this year, we certainly have. We would like to wish everyone a lovely summer holiday and to those moving onto school we hope you really enjoy your new class and don’t forget you will always be welcome to come back for a visit!

 Have a good summer and see you in August!


 At Gatehouse we are constantly looking for ways to improve your child’s experience of the Early Learning and Childcare we provide. If you have any comments or suggestions please return the slip below, or complete one in the nursery cloakroom.