Parent information – 07/10/2020

This is the last week of term 1 and we are so proud of all the children for adapting to the changes and settling into our routines. Thank you also to the parents for working with us to ensure we are able to operate safely following the new procedures put in place.

Holiday Dates

Nursery closes on Friday 9th October and reopens Monday 26th October.

Term 1 learning

This term we focused on settling in, building relationships and supporting children’s wellbeing. Walkabout has been great on a Monday and Friday AM as the children have been able to explore the local area visiting the parks, woodland area, points of interest and the different routes round the streets of Gatehouse.

Achievements / Home Learning

Unfortunately we are not able to send home children’s personal learning plans due to Covid-19 but we plan to share some of your child’s individual learning via e-mail this week to give an overview of their learning this term.

We have a whole school achievement tree and it would be great to display some of the nursery children’s home learning. So over the October holidays if your child achieves something please share it with us and we can add it to the achievement tree. This could be sleeping in own bed, trying new foods, riding a bike, getting dressed…


Although the children do have a splash suit at nursery they do sometimes still manage to get wet or have a toileting accident so please ensure there is a change of clothes in their bag.  We are still not able to share the spare wellies we have at nursery as we only have limited sizes and don’t have enough for everyone. So please ensure you send your child to nursery with wellies and these can be left in their shoe box at nursery.


We will have a Halloween fun day on Friday 30th of October. Children are allowed to dress up in a costume if they wish but we would ask they do not bring any accessories to go with their costume. E.g. teeth, witches fingers, masks, brooms, swords etc.

COVID-19 updates/Flu vaccination

Attached to this newsletter is the latest advice from Dumfries and Galloway Council on Covid-19 and also further information on how to arrange your child’s flu vaccination.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone  01557 814262 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mrs N Smith

Nursery Manager